OWOCE WARZYWA KLIMKIEWICZ Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością is a group of fruit and vegetables producers which has launched its activity on 1st January 2011.

Poland is one of the world’s leaders in terms of fruit production. A worldwide, and especially European tendency is to produce high quality dessert fruit intended for direct consumption. Thus the production in our Group aims at growing such fruit.

Continuous development of horticulture and management of orchards, as well as planting new varieties, combined with an ongoing increase in the quality of production and customer service result in a mass of benefits for our customers. We are currently producing ca. 10 000 t of apples, pears, plums and cherries on a surface of over 250 ha.

We offer you the following varieties of apples:

Boskop, Elstar, Gala, Gloster, Golden Delicious, Idared, Jonagold , Jonagored, Šampion

and the following varieties of pears:

Konferencja, Lukasówka, Komisówka, Bonkreta Williamsa, Faworytka ( Klapsa)

Poland as a member state of the European Union has increased possibilities of sales on the market of Western Europe. Simultaneously, the volume of sales of Polish fruit to the Far East, India, Arabic countries, Vietnam or north Africa is growing. As a result of such opportunities the Group is planning significant sales of fruit intended for export. The Group has possibilities of sorting and preparing fruit to the export requirements in large, reproducible batches of the highest quality fruit.

Among our Customers are Polish and foreign companies.

We have won in the X KRAJOWY KONKURS "WZOROWY OGRODNIK" (10th National Competition The Exemplary Gardener), we have also received an award in XVII EDYCJA OGÓLNOPOLSKIEGO KONKURSU „ROLNIK-FARMER ROKU” (12th edition of National Competition “Farmer of the Year”), THE LARGEST PEAR MANUFACTURER IN POLAND, and ROLNIK POMORZA i KUJAW (Farmer of Pomerania and Kujawy).

We are also a member of the regional network “CULINARY HERITAGE KUJAWY AND POMORZE” within the frames of the EUROPEAN NETWORK OF CULINARY HERITAGE.

Short description of the Owoce Warzywa Klimkiewicz Group’s Member
Short description of the Owoce Warzywa Klimkiewicz Group’s Member
Short description of the Owoce Warzywa Klimkiewicz Group’s Member
Short description of the Owoce Warzywa Klimkiewicz Group’s Member
Short description of the Owoce Warzywa Klimkiewicz Group’s Member
Short description of the Owoce Warzywa Klimkiewicz Group’s Member

Farms in our Group follow the principles of Integrated Production.

The main goal of Integrated Production is production of fruit with the minimum, necessary use of crop protection chemicals. In order to achieve that goal the following actions are undertaken:

  • signaling disease and pest control,
  • applying crop protection chemicals that are safe for useful fauna,
  • using organisms useful in controlling diseases and pests,
  • introducing new varieties that are less susceptible to diseases,
  • growing crops with accordance to the gardening craft which consists in producing top quality dessert fruit without traces of crop protection chemicals or mineral fertilizers, with due respect for the requirements of environmental protection.

In the integrated orchards of the Group members fruit samples are collected and tested for presence of traces of crop protection chemicals in the second half of summer, prior to fruit picking. As a result, the certificate of compliance with the Integrated Production requirements for the orchards is renewed.

Fruit production in the IP system is in other words an eco-minded production. Nowadays, quality and healthy properties of food are increasingly important. Customers pay attention to the origin and ingredients of products and ask about them in shops. Thus more and more retailers require from their suppliers to provide a certificate confirming that the fruit was produced in a manner safe for people. IP certificate is such a certificate for the producers in the Group.


Members of the Group currently have the GlobalG.A.P. system of food safety management. Apples and pears are stored in cold stores with controlled atmosphere, that is of low oxygen content and increased carbon dioxide and nitrogen content. It slows down the process of ripening and allows us to offer fruit of high quality all the year round as if they were picked straight from a tree.


We use the SmartFresh Quality System which extends the shelf-life of products without alteration to consumer characteristics of the fruit. This method has been approved by the European Commission in 2005.

You can contact us via the contact form or send e-mail to the address below:

ul. Kościelna 3
86-011 Wtelno
NIP: 554-28-83-665
Tel/fax: +48 52 382 83 75
Tel. kom. +48 502 055 602

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